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We work with the best and brightest instructors in the world. In addition to our training experience, many of our instructors also have consulting experience. This brings real-world and relevant examples into your classroom, which is always a crowd pleaser.

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Let us be your Virtual Workbench! We provide the skills you need, and operate on your behalf, so that you never have to tell your customer "no" to a virtualization project!

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Let our flexible scheduling and pricing help you build a virtual classroom.

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Let our instructors "WOW" your students! Our trainers have taught hundreds of virtualization classes all over the globe, bringing real-world consulting experience to the classroom.

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Our experts are the best trained in the industry. period. We are there when you need us, but when you don't, we're off sharpening our skills, gaining the experience you'll need in the future.

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Learn about who we are, and why we care. Our goal is to provide our clients a single point of contact to a pool of highly skilled and talented instructors and consultants.

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